Some clips from Pigtown Scratchings #3

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Limerick City and a group of creative minds gathered in Dr. John’s Bar to perform and experiment.

Nigel Oxley

John Greenwood

Harp Art Lab (Mikael Ericsson & Juliana Nemeti)


And finally, the all-out-everybody collaborative session:



Pigtown Scratchings #3 final line-up

After long deliberations and negotiations, we have a final line-up for Saturday the 19th of October 2013, 14:00-16:00. The venue is, as always, the eminent Dr.John’s bar, 31 Thomas Street in Limerick City.

It will be a novel, experimental session with hitherto unheard sounds, images, expressions and gestures.

Ok, here’s the line-up: Nigel Oxley, John Greenwood, Mikael Ericsson, Julijana Nemeti and Softday.

Pigtown scratchings poster 3-1

This will be really exciting!