Pigtown Scratchings is a non-profit, interdisciplinary project that provides innovative artists working in sound, media, literary, and performing arts with performance opportunities to explore, create and present new collaborative work in a club-like setting.

Pigtown Scratchings was originally an experimental music and performance venue based at the Dr.John’s pub, Thomas Street in Limerick, curated by Softday (Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernström) in collaboration with John Greenwood. Between 2013 and 2014 four events were produced. In 2015, Softday started to collaborate with Dance Limerick and has so far produced one event.

The aims for Pigtown Scratchings are:

  • Provides a platform for the exchange of ideas within the intersection of different artistic disciplines and fosters an environment uniquely conducive to experimentation and cross-disciplinary explorations
  • Creates the space to explore “scratching the cracks” between various media and creative genres such as expanded theatre, sound art, socially engaged practice, music, film, dance and the application of new technologies.
  • Takes itself seriously as a place of dialogue, connection and improvisation and where artists, experimental composers and performers can share their ideas with like-minded colleagues.
  • Aims to be inclusive in all of its endeavours, featuring different points of view and areas of expertise in all areas of creativity and community that carry meaning for anyone. In addition to the arts, programmes may touch on technology, culture, history, politics, geography, industry, food, and other areas that intersect with the specific question in focus.
  • Identifies, supports, and presents emerging and under-recognised artists who are making significant contributions to their respective fields as well as serves as a safe space for more established artists to take unusual creative risks.
  • Is committed to promoting innovation and change, never looking back and never staying still.

Contact: pigtownscratchings@gmail.com

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