Pigtown Scratchings – a kaleidoscope of creativity

Pigtown Scratchings, an exciting kaleidoscope of creativity by artists of all genres, takes place at Dance Limerick on Thursday 7 May at 8pm.  Presented by Softday in collaboration with Dance Limerick, Pigtown Scratchings is a creative performance event, featuring artists exploring, creating and presenting new collaborative work in a live cabaret-style setting.

Tickets €10 from www.dancelimerick.ie


The line-up for the first Pigtown Scratchings 2015:

Steve Lally – Storyteller


Roger Gregg – Performance Poet

Leon McCarthy – Audio-Visual Artist


Angie Smalis – Contemporary Dance Artist


Günter Berkus – Musician and Sonic Artist


Marie-Clare Boothman – Visual Artist


Pigtown Scratchings 2015 Open Submission


Pigtown Scratchings is accepting proposals from artists, working in any media or discipline to be included in its 2015 live performance event at the Dance Limerick venue Limerick, at 7pm on Thursday the 7th May 2015. Prior experience is not a condition of acceptance. Please refer to the guidelines before submitting your proposal.

Deadline for submission: 27th of March 2015, 17:00.



Pigtown Scratchings is a non-profit, interdisciplinary creative project providing innovative artists working in sound, media, literary, and performing arts with a performance platform to explore, create and present new collaborative work in a live club-like setting.

Pigtown Scratchings is an occasional series of experimental music and performance events at Dance Limerick, John’s Square, curated by Softday (Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernström) in collaboration with Dance Limerick. The project aims to:

  • Provide a platform for the exchange of ideas at the intersection of different artistic disciplines and promotes an environment uniquely conducive to experimentation and cross-disciplinary explorations
  • Create the space to explore “scratching the cracks” between various media and creative genres such as expanded theatre, performance art, sound art, socially engaged practice, music, film, dance and the application of new technologies.
  • Establish itself as a space of innovation, dialogue, connection and improvisation where artists, experimental composers and performers can share ideas with like-minded people.
  • Be inclusive in all of its endeavours, featuring different perspectives and areas of expertise in all areas of creativity and community.
  • Identify, support, and present emerging and established artists who are making significant contributions to their field of practice and who are open to collaboration and creative risk taking.
  • Be committed to promoting innovation and change, never looking back and never staying still!


Email your proposal as single PDF file to info@softday.ie with “Performance Proposal: ” in the subject line of the email. Please make sure your proposal includes the following:

  • CV (max 2 pages) Containing name, address, email, phone and website (if available)
  • Artist Statement (Max 500 words)
  • Proposal Summary Please provide a summary (max 800 words) of the live performance project you are proposing. This should cover the main themes of the work and outline how you intend to work within the venue.


Pigtown Scratchings will offer a Euro 100 honorarium toward selected artists expenses, the selected artists must meet all other expenses.


  • Proposals will only be accepted via email to info@softday.ie
  • Please include “Performance Proposal: ” in the subject line of the email
  • The proposal must be completed and attached as a single PDF file including all supporting material. This should be titled “Performance Proposal” and not exceed 10mb in size
  • A max of six items should be used to illustrate your work/proposal. All images should be contained within the body of the PDF file and captioned accordingly. Film and audio work should be uploaded in a web page (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, artist website) and links provided within your PDF
  • When referring to websites to support your proposal, you should provide the direct links for the particular pages/files you wished viewed and a brief explanation (50 words max) on what will be viewed
  • Artist websites that supplement your biography are encouraged
  • Pigtown Scratchings will not accept proposal submissions that do not meet these guidelines.


Pigtown Scratchings seeks proposals from artists and performers from all backgrounds, working in any media or discipline. Prior experience is not a condition of acceptance.


All invited performers agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. The performance programmes commence at 7pm and each performer plays/performs for no longer than 15 minutes.
  2. Performers are asked to be ready to perform on time and at their allocated time. Technical set-up and sound-checks must take place before the programme commences at 7pm.
  3. The programme is divided into two sections; first section is the artists’ solo work, the second section is a collaborative jam session with all the performers on the programme, improvising and performing together (un-rehearsed). The collective improvised jam session will be 15- 20 minutes in duration.
  4. Performers must listen to and be mutually aware and respect what is being improvised and respond accordingly.
  5. Performers agree to be both generous and sensitive in their creative exchanges during the improvised part of the programme.
  6. Performers may use a variety of mediums as part of their live presentations, but this must be agreed with the curators beforehand and all materials used must comply with Health and Safety standards.
  7. Performers are at all times requested to adhere to the Health and Safety Regulations of the venue
  8. All equipment must be immediately removed from the venue as soon as the live event finishes at 9pm.
  9. Performers are responsible for the removal of all materials and equipment that they have used in their performance. Pigtown Scratchings and Dance Limerick will not accept any responsibility for personal injury, damage or loss of equipment during the event.


Pigtown Scratchings #3 final line-up

After long deliberations and negotiations, we have a final line-up for Saturday the 19th of October 2013, 14:00-16:00. The venue is, as always, the eminent Dr.John’s bar, 31 Thomas Street in Limerick City.

It will be a novel, experimental session with hitherto unheard sounds, images, expressions and gestures.

Ok, here’s the line-up: Nigel Oxley, John Greenwood, Mikael Ericsson, Julijana Nemeti and Softday.

Pigtown scratchings poster 3-1

This will be really exciting!

Pigtown Scratchings #2

This bank holiday weekend, it is time for the second Pigtown Scratchings in Dr.John’s Bar, 31 Thomas Street, Limerick.

Pigtown Scratchings is a new interdisciplinary creative project providing innovative artists working in sound, media, literary, and performing arts with performance opportunities to explore, create and present new collaborative work in a live  setting.

The line-up for the second Pigtown Scratchings event, which take place on Saturday 1st of June 2013 inDr.Johns Bar, Thomas Street, Limerick from 2pm-4pm, includes: Niall Keegan, Robin Parmar, Eabha Rose and Softday.

Pigtown Scratchings 2 small

We will bring you art as you never experienced before!